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Rodney Skinner
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Affiliation League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Only appearance The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Actor Tony Curran

Rodney Skinner is completely invisible; he renders himself visible when necessary by the application of white greasepaint to his face and (shaven) head, and usually wears a long leather trenchcoat, a trilby, and dark pince-nez. He speaks with a Cockney lilt to his voice. He was played by Tony Curran in the 2003 film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Following the death of the original Invisible Man, Skinner somehow acquired the serum and used it on himself, only to become frustrated due to his inability to reverse the process. After being captured, he was offered an antidote if he agreed to serve as a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Skinner is mischievous, and it takes a long time for his teammates to trust him. No one can determine exactly what his ulterior motives are, and he is almost universally suspected of being a traitor when it was discovered that a sample of Doctor Jekyll's potion had been stolen.

Later, when the real traitor is revealed as Dorian Grey, Skinner proves himself no less a hero than the rest of the League, placing himself in profound danger by following Dorian and providing directions for the rest of the League to the villains' headquarters, determining that their foe sought to duplicate the powers of the League for himself. Once the League reconvenes, he takes on one of the most difficult aspects of their plan, moving throughout the headquarters to plant the bombs that will destroy their enemy's armory. He also nearly dies while saving Tom Sawyer from a horrible death, receiving some horrific injuries as a result. Allan Quatermain offers the master thief some rather backwards praise by scolding him: "All this time, pretending you're not a hero!" Skinner responded by admitting he had his own reasons as well, such as the fact that if Moriarty managed to create more invisible men he "could lose the franchise".


While the original LXG graphic novel featured the original Invisible Man, the film was unable to secure the copyright for the character, requiring them to compromise by using Skinner as a man who had stolen the original's formula for his own use.